& Audio-Recording

With our professional equipment and easy-to-use setup, our studio offers the ideal environment for your podcast recording.

Studio 1

20 sqm
up to 4 guests

Studio 2

50 sqm
up to 10 guests

Whether alone or with guests our studio offers you everything you need for a perfect recording.

With our podcast studio in the center of Berlin, we offer you the perfect environment to produce your own podcast and invite guests. You can simply book a slot and get started, but if needed we can also support you from planning to execution.

With our high quality equipment you will always have a good recording. Even remote guests or video recording is possible at any time without problems in our podcast studio.

⸺ High-End Equipment

The studio is equipped with 4 dynamic microphones (Shure SM7B). These mics capture all the details and nuances of the voice while filtering out all unwanted noise. Coupled with the mixing console(RodeCaster Pro), it's the perfect setup for your podcast.

⸺ Technical Support

If necessary, one of our sound engineers can accompany and support the recording. If you wish, we can also accompany the entire process from conception to marketing.

⸺ Video Recording

If you want to record your podcast additionally on video or also stream it is no problem. Whether in a basic setup with one camera or professional with a mix of three cameras, with us everything is possible.