Workshop & Meeting Rooms

Workshop & Meeting Rooms

Host your workshop or meeting at our modern event space in Berlin. Perfectly equipped for workshops and meetings with 15-25 people, we can provide multiple set-ups, such as U-shape, block or any other set-up that will promote a collaborative environment. Yet, the flexibility of our interior allows us to accommodate up to 40 people at your workshop or meeting, utilizing both of our studios. Elevate your event with our robust equipment featuring a 65-inch digital whiteboard and mobile whiteboard walls - everything you need for a successful brainstorming session.

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Boutique Conferences Space

FreiFläche is fully equipped to provide you with an unparalleled event experience during your conference, presentation, press talk, or meetup. Invite up to 5 speakers and up to 80 guests on location, showcasing your excellent event skills. We boast a high-end technological solution that ensures the sound and image quality of your event, whether it’s our 98-inch display or our outstanding audio and video matrix. Our technology also offers the possibility to livestream your event to thousands of participants online.

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Eventspace Berlin
Hybrid Eventspace Berlin

Livestream & Hybrid-Event Space

Our studios offer a modern & creative event space in the heart of Berlin suitable for all types of online, offline & hybrid events. Realize conference setups with up to 5 speakers and up to 80 guests on location, with the option of streaming your event to thousands of participants online.

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Inhouse Event-Catering

Elevate your event experience with our in-house event catering services. From business lunches to elaborate buffets, we cater to your needs and move in synchronicity with your event schedule. All of our products are organic and locally sourced, always aiming for seasonal produce, and we cater to all dietary preferences, providing nourishing meals to fuel your event. Our masterful chefs bring the quality and expertise in culinary to match your level of professionalism.

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Sustainable Event Catering
Conferences & Presentations

Sustainable & Customizable Design

Our event space in Berlin is designed according to the latest principles in sustainability and with functionality in mind, in order to provide a modern, minimalistic, and technologically advanced experience for you and your guests. The biophilic design concept can be seen throughout the entire event space, from the wooden surfaces and lighting solutions to the use of greenery. The venue can easily be customized to meet your needs, ensuring your comfort and event success.

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