3 Studios

From 15 sqm to 65 sqm, find the perfect room for your meeting or workshop.


Fully Equipped

Our meeting & workshop rooms are perfectly equipped for your premium business event.


In-House Catering

Add a custom-tailored menu featuring vegan & pescatarian dishes and enjoy specialty coffee.


Why book a workshop & meeting room in Berlin with FreiFläche?

Whether you’re looking to book a small meeting room for your team’s brainstorming session or rent a workshop room for an informative and collaborative class, FreiFläche has all the equipment and facilities to accommodate a successful event.

With a warm, modern and practical design, our workshop and meeting room in Berlin offer plenty of space for your creativity. Whether you’re having a team meeting, coming up with new ideas, or hosting an educational workshop, we have the technology and equipment to elevate your event, taking care of every single detail. 

And that’s not all, with the use of our top-notch video production services, we can turn your workshop or meeting into a hybrid event, allowing remote participants to attend.

Our workshop & meeting rooms features

Workshop Ready

Equipped with flipcharts, digital and mobile whiteboards and presentation cases, there are no limits to your creativity. Our two large studios are separated by a glass wall and can be used separately in groups or together.

Various room set-ups

All of our furniture is mobile so that we can adapt the set-up of our rooms to your needs in no time. Even quick adjustments during break time are no hassle for us. In the morning with tables, in the afternoon - without.

Modern & Sustainable

Our modern and fresh interior offers a working and workshop environment that you will rarely find in other locations. Our large wooden panels create a warm and cosy atmosphere and at the same time absorb the noise.

Fully Equipped

All our rooms are fully equipped with the latest technology. Our 4K displays (65-98-inch) offer a razor-sharp image in any lighting situation. Our video matrix allows you to transmit your image to the other rooms without delay, and our high-end audio system always provides crystal-clear sound."

Hybrid Ready

Turn your workshop or meeting into a hybrid event by inviting guests from all corners of the world to partake. Our expert video production services, rooted in 12 years of experience, ensure that your livestream is up to par with the latest standards, without disruptions.

In-House Catering

Our in-house catering team brings expertise to crafting custom menus for your business event. Whether you’d prefer a set business lunch or a rich buffet, we have a variety of vegan and pescatarian options tailored to your needs. We also offer specialty coffee prepared by our friendly baristas, and a range of soft drinks.

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    Room setting:

    Frequent Workshop & Meeting Room Setups


    Boardroom-style Meetings

    In our two large studios, boardroom-style meetings can be held comfortably for up to 18 people. There is still plenty of space around the room for working on the whiteboards or flip charts.

    Workshops and seminars

    Workshops with U-shaped seating

    Our Studio 3 can also be set up in a U-shape so that up to 21 people can be seated here. Next to the stage is a fully equipped multimedia desk from which the moderator, coach or trainer can lead the workshop. The 98-inch display also provides a perfect picture for all participants.

    Design Thinking

    Agile Workshops

    Our studios are perfect for design thinking workshops and agile working methods. The rooms are equipped with mobile whiteboards and pinboards and the wooden surfaces offer plenty of space for Post-its & Co. All furniture has been specially selected for flexibility, style and function.