High-End Production

With up to 5 static and mobile 4K cameras and wireless microphones, we ensure multi-angle, high-quality productions.


Multi-Stage Productions

Have not one but two stages for the ultimate execution of your livestream or hybrid event.


Control Room

Our control room serves as the quality checkpoint, where our in-house team monitors the entire production.


Why book a livestream and hybrid event space in Berlin with FreiFläche?

At FreiFläche, we not only facilitate livestream and hybrid events in Berlin. We curate experiences for the people on-site and those behind the screens, so that everyone becomes an integral part of the event.

Technology is at the heart of what we do. With over 12 years of experience in video production, we have designed a space that reflects our industry knowledge and demands. From a multi-camera set-up to high-end sound engineering, we have the equipment and expertise needed to take your livestream or hybrid event to the next level.

Easily adaptable and convertible, we can organize a set-up that best suits your needs. Whether that’s a traditional livestream event or a hybrid event with up to 100 guests on-site and multiple viewers online, we don’t compromise on quality. With space for speakers, guests, and organizers alike, your livestream or hybrid event in Berlin is expertly monitored by our in-house team.

Why FreiFläche?

What are the benefits of hosting your livestream or hybrid event in Berlin at FreiFläche?

High-End Equipment

Our studios are designed to provide you with the ultimate livestream and hybrid event experience. Our 4K cameras ensure the perfect picture, and the wireless microphones always capture the optimal sound quality.

Multi-Camera Productions

We understand that picture quality and multi-angle representation is key for livestream and hybrid events. That’s why, we offer you a multi-camera production with up to 5 cameras, and you can choose between static and mobile cameras. In the meantime, our skilled operators work their magic.

Multi-Stage Productions

Want to have a livestream or hybrid event with two stages at the same time? At FreiFläche, anything is possible. You can play around with the space in a way that best suits you, switching from one stage to the other, or broadcasting two streams at the same time.

Hybrid Set-Up

Do you want to connect individual guests remotely? No problem. We can add one or more guests as desired to your livestream. Our team will also be happy to check the transmission quality in advance and brief the virtual guests.

Control Room

FreiFläche has its own control room from which our expert team can manage the entire production. From here, we can add belly bands, play in individual videos or animations, and bring in virtual guests, while ensuring the quality and smooth operation of your event.

In-House Catering

Refresh yourself while hosting your hybrid event at our studios with our in-house catering, featuring delicious menu options of vegan and pescatarian dishes, specifically tailored for you. Our friendly baristas can also keep you energized with our coffee specialties, and you can opt for a range of soft drinks.

Frequent Livestream Setups


Hybrid Event

Host up to 80 people on location between our two studios and livestream it to thousands of viewers online with the help of our high-end technology.

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YouTube Videos

Create high-quality YouTube videos in our Video Studio that boasts high-end video and sound recording systems or make use of our customizable stage and backdrop. Trust in our expert video production services to handle the entire production from start to finish.

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Fireside Chats

Invite your guest speakers to our moderated stage with an adjustable backdrop and record inspiring conversations with the possibility to livestream them, knowing that your fireside chats are in the trusted hands of our top-notch tech set-up and expert team.

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Video Production

Live Statements

Wish to make a live statement regarding a current event or an important announcement? Utilizing our customizable stage and backdrop along with our cutting-edge equipment, we can livestream your key statement in a timely manner.

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Host your livestream or hybrid event at FreiFläche

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