we offer you the ideal environment for your next Livestream or hybrid event.

Studio 1

20 sqm
green screen
+ telepromter

Studio 2

50 sqm
stage for 5 people
+ 25 on-side guests

Studio 3

65 sqm
stage for 2 people
+ 35 on-side guests

Studio 2+3

110 sqm
stage for 5 people
+ 80 on-side guests

Host your next hybrid event with us.

With more than 12 years of experience in video production, we have created an event location with the FreiFläche Studios where live streaming was thought of from the beginning. Whether light, image or sound our rooms are perfectly matched to our technology.

With our studios, we can provide a variety of different setups. Whether a classic Livestream or a hybrid event with up to 100 guests on-site and thousands in front of the screens, with us a lot is possible.

Our in-house video and event team is the ideal partner from conception to implementation.

⸺ Multi-Camera Productions

In order to present your livestream or hybrid event from different perspectives, we offer you a multi-camera production with up to 5 cameras.you can choose between static and mobile cameras. Our camera operators always ensure the perfect picture.

⸺ Multi-Stage Productions

Even the production and streaming of two stages simultaneously is no problem for us. Whether you switch from one stage to the other in one stream or play two stages at the same time and broadcast two streams, everything is possible with us.

⸺ High-End Equipment

our studios are perfectly equipped for professional livestreams. Our 4K cameras ensure the perfect picture and the wireless microphones always capture the optimal sound quality.

⸺ Hybrid Setup

Do you want to connect individual guests remotely? No problem. our direction can add single or more guests as desired. Our team will also be happy to check the transmission quality in advance and brief the virtual guests.

⸺ Fibre Internet

our studios have a dedicated fiber optic connection with 500 mb which guarantees a smooth livestream. In addition, we can provide a bonded network to secure the stream even more.

⸺ Control Room

Our studio has its own control room from which we can manage the entire production. from here we can add belly bands, play in individual videos or animations and bring in virtual guests.